After wasting a long day doing crappy work no one needs, the worst thing an old shark could imagine is coming back to a lonely home where no-one waits. People can do anything to escape the cruel reality: video games, casino, drugs. All those bad habits did not just happen for no reason. I’m kinda lucky to have the most innocent one. Although, I still wonder what troubles it will lead me to…

Play a game of ShellShark! The rules are simple: all you need is a deck of cards and a bunch of shells (we used to use living molluscs). You have creature cards and action cards, should be easy to tell the difference once you see them. Creature cards have their characteristics (power and health) and some special abilities. Also you have 48 molluscs that denotes your HPs. You win when your opponent’s health turns down to zero.

Shuffle your deck and take 4 cards from it.

In the beginning of the turn take a card from your deck. Now you can put one creature on a table (order matters, so choose wisely) and/or use one of your action cards. When you’re done, just say “pass” (if no-one answers, try clicking “end turn”). Then comes the fight phase where your creatures beat each others’ tails. Then comes the opponent’s turn.

Knowing these rules should be enough to beat Bob. Good luck!

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