"Living on the cloud is not as good as might be seen. People always talk of some kind of "heaven" and how cool it is to live where the Gods live... Stupid people! And also, stupid gods! These arrogant snouts always loaf here and there, look down and make people suffer with no reason. Pure stupid people... I would like to help them, really, but I can't. Not with that few sacrificed souls..."

You are in charge of Soulmart: the place where the gods come for sacrificed souls (usually animal ones, but you can never be sure). Your task is to distribute desired souls to the gods the least harmful way. Gods are not the most patient creatures in the world, so keep an eye on a village below and try to prevent disasters huffy gods can create. Here's the list FYI:

- drought, the lack of water, results in a lack of food.
- famine, lack of food.
- grief, lack of happiness.
- plague, the result of a lack if hygiene. Or the god's will, of course.

- war, lack of understanding.

Each of it can be conquered by:

- high birthrate.
- fun and happiness (and enormous amount of a blind optimism).
- a great yield of vegetation.

Each god affects these parameters in some way (which seems to be pretty obvious if you're somewhat into mythology). Find the logic, look in the source code conquer the disasters and grow your population (1500 is the target)

Good luck and may you be promoted!

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